About us

Navser NVSR

NAVSER Marine Electronics and Communication Systems is a well-established company in the maritime market for 15 years, offering specialized services on sales, technical support and certification for navigation, radio communication, safety, and other marine equipment.

It is based in Istanbul, close to Tuzla, Yalova shipyards area, the Straits and many other ports that are important center of the marine industry, and transportation. Our services, in compliance with TCS and ISO 9001 :2015 quality standards, comprise sales, second hand and new equipment, spare parts supply, installation and repair, radio surveys, servicing and testing of radio communication equipment.

The company is also capable of providing the repair and tests to all types of Electronic Boards and PCB units thanks to its Electronic Board Repair Station launched in 2015.

By maintaining quality, reliable products, variety of services, experienced and well-trained staff, NAVSER MARINE ELECTRONICS has become one of the leading companies in Turkey with a long list of happy customers.


We envision establishing a long-standing relationship built on reliance with our customers and being significant brand for both domestic and global maritime market.


We are committed to provide best possible services and solutions, reliable and dedicated support, and after-sale services to provide best satisfaction to our customers.